My Argentine To Do List

  1. As anyone who knows me will be aware of, I am a big fan of writing a list. Boredline obsessed actually. My mum bought me a notebook for Christmas that says ‘Keep Calm and Write Lists’. I have separate notebooks for separate categories of list. I write lists and then rewrite them because I forget where I wrote them down. So it’s no surprise that when I bought a wanderlust inspired, handmade notebook in El Paseo de Buenas Artes in Cordoba city that my first thought was ‘which list do I write first?’. My trip to Cordoba re awoke my inspiration to make the most of my short and increasingly diminishing time in Argentina. So here goes my To Do List, Argentine Edition
  2. Climb the Perito Moreno Glacier and drink whisky at the summit – Patagonia has always been the epitome of my wanderlust, and the addition of whisky makes this tour perfect for me! 
  3. Climb Cajon de Azul in El Bolson –
  4. How could I come to Argentina without tasting some of Mendoza’s finest Malbecs ?
  5. When I turned 18 and was backpacking Peru and the north of Chile one of the things I was really excited to do was go paragliding in Inquique! Unfortunately there were some bus timetabling issues and we never made it. In essence, I think paragliding sounds far more relaxing than the bungee jumping experience that I wouldn’t repeat. In either case the adrenaline junkie inside me just won’t let me leave this continent a second time without floating through the skys.
  6. Likewise I imagine that the Iguazu Falls which land on three different countries borders are not one of the Natural Wonders of the World for nothing and I’ll be booking my flights later this week to get soaked by the ‘mist’, visit the parrots and chill in the basin in a wee boat. 
  7. In my quest to learn as much as I can about Argentine history in these six months I feel it would be unjust not to visit the Parque de la Memoria in Buenos Aires – a remembrance space for those lost in the ‘Dirty War’.
  8. Of course living in Argentine Patagonia leaves me with little excuse not to hop across the border and visit my Chilean pal Katrina who I met working with Fundacion Coanil in Chile three years ago. I plan to make the 15 hour bus journey worth it by stuffing my face with mariscos, curanto, pisco and ramitas de queso. 

    Katrina and I cycling in San Pedro, Chile
  9. Next week I’m hopefully going to tick this one off – swim with sea lions! I didn’t even realise this was possible!
  10. I’m not really a selfie person but I will make an exception to take a selfie with a penguin!
  11. While living with my host family I hope to cook them a fabulous European dinner at some point.
  12. Our students seem to have their lives far too together for my liking: as well as their classes every morning; they usually have jobs and then they bring us baking! I don’t know how long I’ll last but I made a start by making them British banana and cinnamon flapjacks which led to the discovery that Americans call flapjacks pancakes?! Who knew.
  13. I want to learn how to make empanadas! We helped make some a few weeks ago and I think it’s a skill that I need to work on. 
  14. Life in Argentina seems to revolve around asados. And I can see why. When I started the list I put that I wanted to eat asado. I would like to revise this to: I would like to eat as many asados as I possibly can in six months. 
  15. Similarly, I am now not only addicted to herbal tea, breakfast tea and coffee but also mate. And I would also like to drink as much mate as I possibly can in six months. 

    Mate at the beach
  16. Learn how to open a bottle of beer with a lighter – this is something I have been meaning to learn for a while. I don’t know why. I don’t even like beer.
  17. See a tango show
  18. Learn about Argentine History and Politics. I’ve always been of the opinion that travelling to different countries is a worthless experience if you don’t come away having learned something.
  19. Learn to dance bachata and salsa. I’m a very bad dancer so I’m not going to add well to the end of that sentence. Acceptably would be more appropriate.
  20. See a musician live. Preferably Maluma. Because I’m in love.
  21. Talk to as many people as possible about maccismo because its a South American phonemena that fascinates me.
  22. Complete a lesson in INPI without jittering. Let’s face it: teaching is not for me. I do not appreciate speaking in front of people fullstop. I never have. These six months will certainly push me out of my comfort zone, the last few weeks already have, and while I don’t hope for miracles I hope I can expect some vague form of improvement.
  23. Read the Communist manifesto in Spanish.
  24. Learn the lyrics to ‘Despacito’
  25. Learn the lyrics to the Manos Arriba songs
  26. Learn the rrrr rolling tongue twister
  27. I would also be highly impressed with myself and my Spanish if I can convince even one person that I am from Argentina. #goals
  28. Put up a selfie a month on instagram. Like I said: I don’t normally do selfies. People seem to always have an opinion on our generations constant use of social media; the lengths we go to to get the perfect photo and the addiction to those ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ which then connects our self esteem to the number of likes our photos get. That being said I think selfies represent self love and self acceptance and an increased self confidence. I’ve no shame in saying these are areas of my self I could work on
  29. Do I want a tattoo? I have been changing my mind about this ever since I was 17. That’s 4 years. Indecision at its finest right there. This year I want to decide once and for all if I want a tattoo and if I do then start saving up.
  30. Set a goal
  31. It’s time. It’s frankly embarrassing it hasn’t happened yet. I can’t vote in another referendum without watching Braveheart.
  32. Skype Shona. I wont’ lie. It will take a near miracle to make this happen. Our chaotic, indecisive, non committal, tumultuous, and ambiguous personalities are basically too similar for us to ever stick 100% to plans when we are in the same country. While in different cities, regions, countries, continents, hemispheres, and time zones I think we are setting ourselves a challenge. Let’s make it happen puppy.
  33. Document my experience through videos and blogging
  34. Take a photo everyday from now on – May 16th – Follow me on instagram and snapchat to see if I can keep this promise!

Let’s see how many of the goals on this list I am capable of achieving!