Who is the Travelling Teacup?

Catherine Angus. 21.  Born and raised, despite the loss of accent, in Scotland: a country where men wear skirts, babies drink whisky and the legend of the haggis outshines both the unicorn and the Loch Ness Monster.

My addiction to long term travel started when I was 17 and embarked upon a year with Project Trust in Puerto Montt, Chile. I lived there for a year working with Fundacion Coanil. I grew to love certain Chilean quirks such as generous portions of rum in my favourite mojitos at Boulebar and our shared affinity for barbeques on every occasion. However I complained about a fair few others including a Chileans inability to stick to a plan and the everyday sexism that on a good day I could laugh about and on others greatly increase my vocabulary by adding every swear word I could pronounce to conversations. Since then I have hiked the Atlas mountains in Morocco with my little brother (who is now taller than me?!); road tripped my way around Zimbabwe;  explored Gaudi’s Barcelona; visited Italy while dreaming of moving to Florence and most recently have moved to Argentina to be an ELA with British Council.

Every place I visit; I imagine my life there. One day, one week, one month; is never enough.

View of Volcan Oscorno from the town of Fruitillar in Southern Chile
View of Volcan Oscorno from the town of Fruitillar in Southern Chile

I discovered that for me loving to travel doesn’t mean liking every detail about a country’s culture or cuisine: not everything new is amazing. Loving the experience is the important part. Experiencing different cultures has allowed me to challenge beliefs and ideas that I have simply always had. I have learnt that the normality I grew up with is not necessarily the end all; the first world way might not be the right way.


I’m never going to be ready to leave anywhere. No matter how long I stay in one place there will always be more to learn, you can never meet everyone or try every way of life. I want to push myself to experience everything: to question myself and those I meet; reject stereotypes and cliches; accept that I’m an introvert and roll with it; change my mind daily and try above everything else to see things through my own eyes instead of a snapchat filter.


And I don’t want to give up on my addiction. I want to send my family postcards from all around the world. I want to be a serial immigrant. I want to learn all the different ways people drink tea around the world. I want to share the best parts of my culture and adapt to each that I experience. Queiro ser la gringa para siempre. I want to encourage others to travel and not just those who have considered it before but people in countries where they never thought going abroad was possible.  I want to have homes not houses all around the world.


We should all be citizens of the world.

(^that’s my cliche quote for the day^)